Prayer Requests:

1) That God would continue to burden hearts to join our monthly team and missions in Alaska.
2) Wisdom as we attempt to portray an example of Christ to our children every day.
3) That God would be evident in all our efforts.

4) For our transition into life in Alaska, in everyday living, & in ministry.

5) That we would be tuned into our children’s needs and know how to meet them.

6) For the laborers in Alaska living the gospel and looking to make disciples for Christ, for encouragement to carry on each day and carry on through the rough times too.

7) That God would lead us to a house to own that we may use for ministry to our family and others.

1) Our monthly support level is at 89%!!
2) For a wonderful woman of a wife who is such a huge partner in my life – J

3) That God is allowing us to see His hand working in Alaska villages.


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