“God Speed” – looking back & looking ahead.

This first month of the year we have one birthday in our home, Jeffrey’s, and our anniversary to  celebrate!  It’s also a time to look back over the past 6months, evaluate and look ahead at a desired plan for ministry travel/visits.  As a family of six it is harder for us to all travel when we make our journey into Alaskan villages. ABM’s aircraft max capacity are 6 people and that includes the pilot. Before June this year we can all travel by air together if opportunity presents itself but after that Selah turns 2 and FAA regs say she needs her own seat.


The ministry families Bethany and I care for range from the far North of Barrow to Port Graham in the South. From Scammon Bay in the West to Fort McPherson in Canada. A very broad distance to cover and we are so thankful for the traveling options to be able to reach most of these places. As a ministry we use our two aircraft, Cessna 206 & Piper Aztec, which both serve in different ways to personally fly our small staff out to remote areas. We also use the commercial carriers throughout AK that routinely fly in and out of all the villages if the situation/need arises. If travel to the south is desired we can use the commercial ferry system to go out to Kodiak Island area. Of course if our travels keep us in the South East of mainland AK we usually use the road system which connects all the way down the the lower 48.

Bethany and I desire to be effectively reaching out to the servants we are so thankful to serve. Effectiveness in this type of ministry is not always something you can put your finger on and we leave that with the Lord. Please pray with us as we look ahead and plan our years worth of travel plans and ways to serve. Would you commit to prays for servants in remote Alaskan villages living the gospel and bearing Christ’s name?

Pray also for a pull behind camper trailer for our travel needs on the road system and into Canada that would make travel with our entire crew a bit easier.

Another of our continual prayers is that we might have sweet relationships with our God that enable us to reach out from its overflow.

Thank you for your prayers,

for King & Kingdom!


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